Holiday Hangovers Are No Match For Matcha

Holiday Hangovers Are No Match For Matcha

With the holiday season coming up, there’s bound to be lots of overeating and overdrinking. While you might not think about the potential consequences of these activities, this overindulgence can have damaging results, both long term and short term. To help keep the damage to an absolute minimum, you need something to take the edge off, provide you with healing substances, and get you back to a clear state of mind. That’s why matcha is going to be your new best friend this holiday season.

So if you’re planning to party this upcoming season and need a refreshing way to recover and get your energy back, you definitely need to pick up some ever-magical matcha.

Matcha – The Miracle Hangover Cure?

Hangovers affect millions with uncomfortable headaches and a lingering sickness that makes them regret those endless shots. Over the years, people have tried countless hangover cures: cold showers, coffee, and exercise are just a few. But we know a far better hangover cure, one that actually works.

Maybe it’s all of the antioxidants or the unique amino acids, but matcha has been proven time and time again to be a hangover cure. A study by the University of Maryland showed that green tea “seems to protect the liver from the damaging effects of toxic substances such as alcohol.”

Of course, this is no reason to count down to Christmas with the 25 Days of Drunkenness. However, a soothing cup of matcha will help snap you out of that morning-after fog. It will take you from a groggy haze to a Zen-like alertness in mere minutes. It’ll be the most refreshing part of your morning and turn the day around. Instead of going throughout the day in a post-drunken stupor, enjoy the rejuvenating effects of matcha.

In addition to enhanced clarity of mind, you’ll get an energy boost thanks to the one-two punch of L-theanine and caffeine. The two work in unison to sharpen your focus and calm you. As an added bonus, matcha is known to enhance your metabolism, giving you even more energy. Matcha is like an energy drink, but it’s doesn't leave half a liter of battery acid in your stomach and turn your urine neon yellow.

An interesting hangover cure that includes matcha involves mixing it with coconut water and sea salt. If you regularly drink matcha (you should!) and want to try a new taste, take this for a spin.

Get the Right Matcha

To fully recover from a colossal hangover, you need the purest form of matcha you can get your hands on. The problem is that most matcha out there is severely lacking. The kind you get at mainstream coffee shops is often weighed down with excess sugar. Sometimes, sugar is the first ingredient! This isn’t matcha; this is liquid candy.

Real matcha has little to no added sugar (preferably none), as its potent effects emerge strongest when the tea is in its purest form. The greener the tea, the more effective and better tasting it will be. If you’re unsure if you have good or bad matcha, check out our guide to detecting matcha quality.

Our matcha is proudly hand-harvested in Kagoshima, Japan, and it’s certified organic by the USDA and the JAS, which is the gold standard of the organic world. We take these measures to make sure that the integrity of the matcha is preserved, all the way from the plant to your cup. Our matcha isn’t bogged down by useless sugar or unhealthy additives––there’s just plain, wonderful matcha.

Recipe: Magus Matcha Hangover Helper


  • 4 grams of Magus Brands matcha
  • 16.9 fl. oz. water
  1. Grab 4 grams of Magus Brands matcha. This equals roughly one teaspoon or two stickpacks.
  2. Grab 16.9 fl. oz. of chilled water. This is the size of most water bottles.
  3. Mix the matcha in the water, shake heartily, and start sipping to relieve yourself of the hangover blues.

You can also make the matcha hot if you need a warm, calming cup to help you recover. Check out our brew guide for more information on making matcha, both hot and cold.

So this holiday season, try not to drink yourself to sleep, but if you do find yourself overly imbibed, try a cup of matcha.

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