Magus Brands™ Organic Ceremonial Matcha 100g

Magus Brands™ Organic Ceremonial Matcha 100g

We at Magus Brands proudly present our organic, ceremonial grade matcha.

Our matcha comes straight from the shade-grown leaves of Japan to your cup. With each sip, Magus Brands matcha transports you into a tatami-floored room at the base of timeworn volcanoes to experience the ancient tea ceremony.

From the ritual of preparation to the luxury of consumption, you'll enjoy every second you spend with Magus Brands matcha. Experience the Way of Tea and revitalize yourself with matcha's innumerable benefits.

We grind our matcha more finely than any other company, which gives it a smooth consistency with few clumps. The end result can be enjoyed by both traditionalists and mavericks.

Our matcha is regal and delicious, whether prepared hot at home or on the go with cold bottled water. Whatever the occasion, celebrate with Magus Brands matcha.

Our Matcha:
✔ Hand-harvested in the island prefecture of Kagoshima, Japan
✔ Certified organic by JAS-KOAA (Japan) and USDA
✔ Competition level ceremonial grade
✔ Vegan
✔ Gluten free

How can matcha enhance your health?

✔ Pure, clean energy boost
✔ Contains L-Theanine and caffeine
✔ Improves memory and concentration
✔ No heavy metals
✔ No radiation
✔ No pesticides
✔ No jitters or restlessness

Magus Brands matcha has an electric green color that's typical of only the highest grade matcha.  Magus Brands matcha is a labor of love by matcha aficionados who refuse to settle for less.

Store your Magus Brands matcha in the refrigerator to extend its shelf life.