MatchaSticks™ Premium Organic Ceremonial Matcha Tea 10ct

MatchaSticks™ Premium Organic Ceremonial Matcha Tea 10ct

Magus Brands MatchaSticks

Bring an ancient tea ceremony into your home. ​Indulge in the royal umami taste and silky warmth as amino acids and L-theanine rejuvenate and calm you.

Nearly a thousand years ago, Chinese monks developed the art of the tea ceremony. With respect and mindfulness, they created meditative rituals with tea as the focus. Matcha boomed in popularity, spreading across cultures and time, renowned for its healing and energizing characteristics.

Our MatchaSticks™ are made from the highest-grade, premium organic matcha. We’ve partnered with a network of centuries-old, small family-owned farms who cultivate the tea by hand on the island town of Kagoshima. The island soil creates a vibrant, refreshing strain of tencha, a shade-grown tea that is transformed into matcha.

We’ve made it easier than ever to enjoy this delectable matcha by providing it to you in a convenient stickpack. Each pack has 2g of matcha, which contains 70mg of caffeine (equal to a cup of light roast coffee) and 137 times the antioxidants of a cup of green tea. Each dose of matcha is packed with amino acids and L-theanine, which relieves stress and induces a soothing feeling of calm.